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Something Creative I Did Today

Today is a rainy and sad day to say the least. The rain didn’t fuel much creative spirit, but it sure helped with the napping portion of the day! So, since Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching (much to the disdain and joy of singles and non-singles alike), today I did something creative and made valentines for my family and my boyfriend. I’m not much of a romantic by any sense of the word, but I had lots of fun creating these cards and filling them with my love
For my family’s card, I took a large piece of red construction paper and instead of folding it either hotdog or hamburger-style, I used both sides of the sheet so that I could have the maximum amount of surface area to work with. Since you can’t wrote on construction paper all too well, i cut out squares on white computer paper and wrote my message on them for the front half. The front part reads “Dear Family, (including but not limited to) Mom, Dad, Kelsey, Cal, [siblings] Cupid, Stella [my cats] and Zach and Kell [my sister’s and my boyfriend respectively] I guess?” followed by a simple “This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to say….” Oh, and did I mention that there is a love-struck dinosaur on this side? Because, why not? The Back of this card is really cute. I cut out letters from black construction paper and spelled out the words “I love y’all and Go Dawgs”. It is important to keep UGA a part of every holiday, right? Anyway, since I won’t be able to see my family on Thursday, I’m going to use my computer’s camera function to make a e-card to post on Facebook so that they can see it. I hope they like it!

Now, I’m not going to mention much about what i wrote in my boyfriend’s car,d, because it contains a lot of inside jokes and a little bit of sappiness. But I hand-drew a bunch of cheesy puns on the cover in hopes that he will laugh-and actually laugh, not the pity laugh I hear a lot from my friends! On the envelope that I made from some leftover butcher paper from another project,
I drew a Valentine’s flowchart to explain exactly who the card is for-in case he didn’t get it. if there is one thing I have learned in my college career-never underestimate the stupidity of people, especially guys. (Just Kidding of course!)
And I couldn’t forget my dorm-mates! I made a wall decoration for the area outside of my door to help (hopefully) brighten everyone’s day-Valentine’s Day is a morose day around here for the Forever Alone Club, which is what my friends and I call ourselves.
So that’s all of today’s creativity! Happy Valentine’s Day and of course, Go Dawgs!



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One thought on “Something Creative I Did Today

  1. How sweet of you – your family will love the Facebook photos of you and the card. I love your love-struck dinosaur – how cute! I hope you have a great Valentine’s day.

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