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This is Mason, our pet rabbit. I drew him using!

The four creative aspects are Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration. Together, they form the FFOE model presented in J.P. Guilford’s classic model of divergent thinking.

 For me, the hardest aspect of this model is Originality. I benefitted strongly from the ‘plug-and-chug” and “fill-in-the-blank” models of testing because I was always able to parrot the information back to the teacher. However, when it came to writing essays (especially in-class essays), I wasn’t always able to formulate my ideas in a coherent fashion, even if I knew the information.
In the Article, the author mentioned the site we used today-WallWisher. WallWisher is good for collaborative projects that require many people updating the project simultaneously in real time. So, the site is good for building Flexibility in the classroom because it allows many people to throw different ideas into the discussion at the same time, which opens the door for in-depth thinking. The site would also be good for the Elaboration part of the discussion-students can comment on each other’s posts and build upon the thoughts of the other students.
 had a little too much fun playing with’s drawing applications. I could see how it could be implemented in a literature classroom, especially because it requires no physical art supplies and the drawings can be shared easily. The article listed it under “Originality” and “Elaboration” because it really wouldn’t help students with the knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the subject or turning the concept around in their minds. AS an SLP I could see myself potentially using this site mainly as an Artistic outlet-I would ask the kids to draw out the Frustrations that may stem from people not being able to understand them. I could also use for a group art project where everyone contributes to the multi-layered painting.

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