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Let’s Get a Little Bit Creative (Again) Part 1

Today is Sunday, and I am facing the arduous task of deciding whether to work on a philosophy essay that is going nowhere anytime soon, or creating something self-directed and creative for a much more enjoyable class that may actually help me in my future endeavors as an educator. So….estoy aqui!

I am not technologically sound by any means. My strengths have always resided in the world of words and sentences. However, in an INternet that praises terse responses and pictures to thought-out replies and comments, where so-called ‘Trolls’ can call even a multi-clausal sentence “TL;DNR”, which stands for “Too Long; Did Not Read”, words and sentences can quite easily fall into the background and into obscurity. But why? Due to the magic of copyright laws, especially the ones that state that a work enters into the public domain 75 years after the death of the author, most of the world’s best works of poetry and literature are available for free on your computer, in any language. For instance, here is a link to one of my favorite poems of all time: T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. Here’s another to my favorite classic novel, Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”. If the Internet allows for so many opportunities for reading, why do so many people believe that the Internet is full of smut and not to be trusted?
The simple answer is this: the Internet IS FULL OF SMUT. We can’t change that, but we should be able to point ourselves away from the gross and unintellectual grottos of the Internet and into the creative and bright fields of the intellectual side of the Internet. Now, I don’t always practice what I preach. Sometimes I find myself in a comment war in the YouTube comment section that I should’ve avoided., and other times I find myself perusing content on a certain website that features pictures of animals with text over their faces.

I think I just went a little too metaphysical on the topic of creativity and free expression on the Internet-I guess I did write a form of a philosophy paper anyway…
On another note, Today I counted my change that I keep in my two piggy banks. one is an actual piggy bank that is green, and I only put pennies in that one,. the other is a yellow duck that I put all of the other coins into. My grand total? A whopping $62.07, which included 1 gold dollar, 128 quarters, 154 dimes, 67 nickels, and 532 pennies. I need a life. Oh God, I need a life

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One thought on “Let’s Get a Little Bit Creative (Again) Part 1

  1. I like that you took the time to actually write a post about creativity instead of just posting a video or image like some people (me). I too love Pride and Prejudice and anything Jane Austen, so you could have said anything after that and I would have agreed with you. I agree that the internet is full of smut, and using the internet is all about balance…a little smut with a little good.

    PS congrats on the moolah $$$

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