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Creativity Contract Attachments

Plants ad Animals_1

Well, I never did find out how to create an attachment that features a .notebook file. And I never found out how to attach an attachment to my Google Site anyway. So, I’m just going to spread the love around by posting the .pdf attachment for my Smart Notebook lesson plan here, on my WordPress site! I will try to work on getting the notebook file up so that I can use it with a SmartBoard, but that may be to no avail!

Here we are: Plants and Animals


Creativity and Innovation


When a space rock threatens the UGA vs. GA Tech game, America’s favorite superhero, Superman, must learn the difference between the several kinds of space rocks so that he can save the day-with an assist from everyone’s favorite mascot-Uga IX!

My Digital Storytelling project is geared towards older elementary school students as an introduction to a space unit. After viewing this cute video, the teacher would then start a dialogue about how Hollywood changes the view of rocks falling from the sky from that of a normal, and possibly mundane event, to that of a catastrophic meltdown.

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