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Creativity Contract Attachments

Plants ad Animals_1

Well, I never did find out how to create an attachment that features a .notebook file. And I never found out how to attach an attachment to my Google Site anyway. So, I’m just going to spread the love around by posting the .pdf attachment for my Smart Notebook lesson plan here, on my WordPress site! I will try to work on getting the notebook file up so that I can use it with a SmartBoard, but that may be to no avail!

Here we are: Plants and Animals


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2 thoughts on “Creativity Contract Attachments

  1. I had the chance to look over your smartboard lesson plan on here and on your google site. You did such a great job creating those smart board lesson plans! I would have loved learning that lesson in grade school…especially the part where they get to hop like a kangaroo. Great job creating the lesson plan and sticking with smart board…sounds like it was a tedious process!

  2. You did a really great job creating this lesson plan for first graders to teach them about plants and animals! Originally I planned to make a lesson plan for my project but it was difficult for me to come up with a way to present the material that would be easily understood and creative. I never realized how much work it is to create one. The lesson that you made is age appropriate and I can see a lot of student learning from it and enjoying it.

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