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My name is Maggie Marie McNamara-all of my initials are M’s! Originally hailing from Columbus, Ohio, my family and I moved to Lawrenceville, Georgia (in southern Gwinnett County) from Sayreville, New Jersey in the year 2000. I live with my two younger siblings, Kelsey (age 17) and Cal (age 15) in addition to my parents and two cats (Cupid and Stella). My parents are Ohio State Buckeye fans, so I grew up loving Big 10 football, and now SEC football!
I graduated last spring from Grayson High School in Grayson, GA, and moved to Athens in August. I work in the Tate Center Bookstore, and am involved with the Residence Hall Association, Relay for Life, and the Wesley Foundation. I am a first-year student in the College of Education at the University of Georgia. My intended major is Communication Sciences and Disorders with an intent to go to grad school and work as a Speech Therapist in an elementary school setting. My mother is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher, so I grew up with a house full of picture books and early education tools, as well as a love for young children.
More randomness about me I guess: I played the clarinet and performed with my high school’s Flagline during the football season. My favorite colors are yellow, red, and black (it’s a good thing that our colors are red and black!). I was a Girl Scout for 8 years, played lacrosse, soccer, and basketball, and am addicted to Pinterest! My favorite food is probably cheese pizza and I love hummus and pita chips. My birthday is April 2nd, and for the sake of one more thing to write…I have a purple and yellow button that reads: Hello to All the Friends I’ve Yet to Meet!

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